Pneumatic Vacuum Elevators

Home Elevators

Very much in line with the technical features, based on simplicity and the «less is more» concept, the design of Home Elevators is characterized by its clean lines.


Easy-to-Install Home Elevators

The compact size of these home elevators, along with their neutral lines and transparent walls, makes them adaptable to the characteristics of any room.


Panoramic Home Elevator

Both the tube and the cabin of the home elevator are made of transparent polycarbonate. This allows for a view from inside the cabin, eliminating feelings of suffocation. Moreover, it allows light to pass through and does not create shadows within the room.

Since May 2018, we have had a completely transparent new door available. With it, we have achieved an even cleaner effect for the home elevator.



You have the possibility of having an elevator with 360º vision, deciding the color that best suits your environment.   

AirLift models blend perfectly with the environment where they are installed.



Imagine that you change house, we will install it in your new home.

Airlift pneumatic vacuum elevators are self-supporting and are installed directly on the existing floor.

Pneumatic Vacuum Elevators Airlift

Pneumatic Vacuum Elevators Airlifts provide Design and Functionality at the Service of your Well-being



Pneumatic Vacuum Elevators AirLift, thanks to their pneumatic technology, eliminate entrapment.




Panoramic lifts with 360º vision, customizable and easy to integrate into your home




Pneumatic Vacuum Elevators AirLift, this Home Lifts make your life easier. Even installation is easier and cleaner.




The simplicity of their mechanism makes them light and energy-efficient. In addition, it does not use fats or oils


Minimal maintenance


4 times fewer revisions than a conventional elevator


Innovative Technology

They take advantage of pressure changes generated through pneumatic mechanisms.


Your home lifts AirLift models

The different models have the same air operation mechanism (Pneumatic Elevators), which allows them to eliminate the pit and, thus, reduce the cost of installation and maintenance. Thanks to their small space, they can be placed almost anywhere. That is why they are the most appropriate solution for old buildings without an elevator shaft, duplexes and chalets, both individual and semi-detached.

AirLift 933

The AirLift 933 vacuum elevator combines sleek design with cutting-edge pneumatic technology, offering a luxurious yet practical solution for your home. This model supports two passengers and is equipped with a 933 mm exterior diameter, optimizing space without compromising style. Installation is quick, requiring no pit or machine room, and it operates using minimal energy, with descent powered solely by gravity. Ideal for new installations or retrofits, the AirLift 933 enhances any living space with its panoramic views and smooth, quiet operation. Perfect for homes looking for an eco-friendly, state-of-the-art vertical transportation solution.

Explore the elegance and efficiency of the AirLift 933 in your own home. Visit our website to view detailed specifications and installation options. Ready to elevate your living space? Contact us today for a personalized consultation and to find out how the AirLift 933 can transform your home with its innovative design and superior functionality. Act now to take the first step towards a more accessible and stylish home environment.

AirLift 1316

The AirLift 1316 is the pinnacle of pneumatic elevator technology, designed for inclusivity and versatility. With a spacious 1316 mm exterior diameter, this model comfortably accommodates three passengers or a wheelchair, making it ideal for both residential and commercial properties. Its seamless installation requires no pit or machine room, utilizing eco-friendly technology that maximizes energy efficiency. The clear, panoramic design not only elevates the aesthetics of any space but also provides unobstructed views as you travel between floors.

Elevate your property with the AirLift 1316 and experience the future of vertical mobility today. Discover more and request a quote to see how this advanced elevator can integrate into your architectural plans seamlessly and stylishly. Don’t wait—transform your space with efficiency and elegance,  contact us today for a personalized consultation and to find out how the AirLift 933 can transform your home.

Pneumatic Vacuum Elevators AirLift

With AirLifts Home Elevators, stairs are no longer the problem. Thanks to their ease of installation, low maintenance costs and design, ENI panoramic elevators provide independence and quality of life to an increasing number of people.


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