Ascensores Domésticos SL is a vacuum elevator manufacturer whose goal is to address vertical transportation and accessibility challenges by offering a new concept of elevator in the market. This concept features an innovative design, unique technology, easier installation, eco-friendliness, and enhanced safety, and can be described as the home appliance for lifting people.

Ascensores Domésticos has developed its vacuum elevator by considering the main issues that arise when contemplating the installation of a conventional elevator. It has successfully provided a new alternative to the lifting sector with an elevator that requires no pit, no machine room, is transparent, requires minimal maintenance, and is the easiest elevator to install.

The Home Appliance for Lifting People

The commitment of Ascensores Domésticos to its customers and the users of its elevators stems from the dedication of its entire team to continuously implement and improve a quality management system. This system serves as a tool to meet the needs and expectations of customers and users, addressing their current and future requirements through the ongoing improvement of the products and services provided. This involves continuous review of the elevator’s performance, enhancing its comfort, and consistently complying with the applicable legal and regulatory requirements. This commitment forms the framework for establishing and reviewing quality objectives.

AIRLIFT is the only vacuum elevator manufacturer that has CE marking and complies with the new Machinery Directive 2006/42, while also being the only manufacturer that meets the concept of “the home appliance for lifting”.