AirLift 933

Balcony solution

This installation leverages outdoor space by incorporating the AirLift 933 into a balcony setting. It provides easy access without altering the building’s internal structure, optimizing natural light and external views. 

Stairwell solution

Perfect for efficiently integrating into existing spaces. The AirLift 933 is installed within the void of a staircase, maximizing the use of vertical space without the need for additional structural extensions.

Solution through forging

This setup allows the AirLift 933 to connect multiple floors directly by penetrating the floor slab. It’s an ideal solution for buildings requiring direct and continuous vertical access, offering a discreet and space-efficient installation.

Pneumatic technology in elevators

Throughout our history we have received the support of Spanish institutions for the development and improvement of our product, among which it is worth mentioning the Ministry of Economy and Competitiveness through the INNPACT project in 2018 as well as the Technological Development Center CDTI with the IBEROEKA project.
The result of our dedication and continuous evolution are the AIRLIFT elevators, a unique pneumatic technology elevator specially designed for the domestic environment and small buildings with minimum requirements that give us an important comparative advantage over traditional elevators.

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